Entries of Competitors
ISU Members must enter their competitors/couples using the entry forms. All competitors must be entered through their respective Member Federation/Association.
Mrs. Julia Sheiko
Eilat City Skating School
Mrs. Anna Slavin
General Secretary Israel Ice Skating Federation
The OC reserves the right to limit the number of participants in each category in case of overcrowding.
Entries by names must be sent not later than 10th August 2021.

[email protected]

With the entry to the competition, the entry fee must be paid as follows:
*85 Euro per skater
*135 Euro per Pair/Ice Dance couple

The entry fee will not be refunded in case of withdrawals for any reason.
After the final entry deadline on 10th August 2021, the respective Member Federation will receive a notification for Entry fee payment instructions.
Entry fee must be pay within 5 days after receiving confirmation e-mails.
After 5 days, non-paid entries will be automatically deleted.
The payment instructions will be explained in the confirmation e-mail.